Exhaust systems play an essential role in every automobile by controlling the flow of exhaust gases. However, every exhaust system has limitations that can cause performance-related problems.

One of these problems is the low engine performance and decreased horsepower. To understand why an exhaust system can be behind most of your speed issues, knowing the workings of an exhaust system is essential.

How does an exhaust system work?

An exhaust system creates a specific airflow for the expanding gases to move through the vehicle without causing too much noise or pollution.

In doing so, it restricts the amount of gas that can pass through its input and output pipes at each instance. This slows down the flow of gases, which can, in turn, cause reduced engine efficiency.

Using a cat-back exhaust system targets this problem to provide improved Horsepower and better Gas Mileage. A cat-back exhaust system involves a modified version of the exhaust pipe that allows a broader airflow for exhaust gases.

The system starts from the tip of your standard exhaust system and connects to the catalytic part. It also includes a pipe that connects to your car’s muffler and the catalytic converter.

Benefits to Using a Cat-Back Exhaust system

1. Enhanced Horsepower

Using the cat-back system can help you overcome the barrier you face in reaching the highest speed of your vehicle. Most builds face an average of 10-20% decrease in horsepower with the traditional exhaust system.

In comparison, the cat-back exhaust system comprises a broader diameter which allows more space for quickly moving gases to move through.

2. Better Mileage

With the average exhaust system, every engine exerts extra power to push out the exhaust gases through the restrictive airflow.

With the cat-back exhaust system, this overexertion on your engine is removed, and you get better miles per gallon (MPG) on freeways and city roads.

3. Sporty Sounds

Most exhaust systems and their muffler is designed to output a specific level of noise that does not disturb the surroundings. This can make them less preferable by sports enthusiasts and racers alike as the extra sound can enhance the racing experience.

With a plethora of cat-back exhaust designs available in the market, you can find one that closely aligns with your taste and expectations.

Things to Consider for the Right Fit

Single Exhaust Systems

The most common and affordably-priced Cat-exhaust systems come as single exhaust systems. These are perfect for individuals that want to test a cat-back first and only require minimal modifications. It is relatively lighter than the dual exhaust and exit systems while still allowing wider shaft bends.

Dual Exhaust

These are perfect for sports enthusiasts doing it for a boost to their horsepower and performance. The system involves two exhaust pipes, mufflers, and catalytic converters. This helps deliver smoother airflow and releases the previously lost engine power.

Besides this, enthusiasts also prefer the dual exhaust for the improved aesthetic they add with their sporty look and the sound they output.

Dual Exit

Dual Exit systems involve the same performance capabilities and build as a single exhaust. The only exception includes the two exhaust tips that add a sporty look to the vehicle.

Materials of cat-back exhaust system to choose from

Stainless steel

These are perfect for durability as a stainless steel build is hard to be dented or bent. For this reason, they ensure that the airflow is never compromised while also remaining resistant to rust and corrosion.


While slightly pricier, it can last relatively longer than the average steel build. It is also lighter and offers the same performance and durability capabilities.

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