Are you someone who’s into car racing or likes your machine with more horsepower? If that’s so, you may have also heard that Cat delete can help you achieve this goal. Let’s jump right into it and see it is a really practical solution or it’s just a myth and why or why shouldn’t you be doing that. We are going to address if it really works and how much horsepower you can obtain by doing that.

Does horsepower really increase by removing the catalytic converter?

The answer is yes! If you are running powerful engines like V8, this move definitely helps increase horsepower and make your car move at a brisk rate and make the sound pleasing.

But this result comes at a cost. Your car starts making loud engine sounds and usually gets banned as it isn’t something legally allowed by the local legislation. Make your decisions wisely and avoid revving up your engine, especially in the cold, because the colder the weather, the louder your engine becomes.

How and why Cat Delete results in increased horsepower

Catalytic converters are made and installed to purify toxic gases by breaking down their bigger components into smaller ones and not letting them harm the atmosphere. They are made up of rigid materials in a honeycomb structure to make the flow of exhaust gases difficult and prevent toxic components from flowing out. This makes the flow very slow and doesn’t allow much air to enter the combustion chamber.

That’s why when you remove the catalytic converter, the flow becomes faster, which allows the car to expel more gases and make room for the new air to enter at a rapid pace in the combustion chamber, which results in better and bigger combustion due to which the horsepower also gets increased.

Pros and Cons of Catalytic Converter Delete


  • Cat delete makes the engine of your car light as a feather
  • Cat delete gives your car a lively and light feeling by removing the extra air pressure between the catalytic converter and exhaust.
  • Cat delete can give up to 30+ HP in general, and in some cases, with fine-tuning, people have achieved almost 50 marks.
  • A diesel engine can get maximum output after Cat delete, and that’s why diesel trucks are so popular in the USA among pickup truck drivers.


While the benefits are significant, Cat delete comes with a few cons too. That’s why you should only opt for it for the racing cars designed to operate on special tracks.

  • Cat delete is an illegal activity and can lead to huge fines. Weight this carefully, you shouldn’t be doing it for your daily use car.
  • Cat delete will make your car fail the smog test, so driving it will be illegal.
  • Cat delete can cause extreme pollution
  • You will lose the warranty and have to pay a high amount for tuning.

The word from the center is that despite having huge advantages, the harms are far worse. You should avoid Cat delete if you are looking forward to applying it on your daily use or street vehicle.

But if you are a racer and drive the car on specially designed tracks, it can definitely turn your machine into a beast.

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