The terms dyno and tune are not interchangeable. Dyno stands for dynamometer, which is a gadget used to measure your car's statistics such as horsepower and torque.

Tuning, on the other hand, is altering the values in your car's microprocessor so that it responds differently. When used jointly, dyno tuning refers to modifying the behavior of your vehicle by tuning and then measuring the results on a dyno? Let's have a look at it in more detail.

What is the purpose of the computer in a car?

To summarize, a car engine transmits power to the wheels by igniting and combusting gasoline. These types of combustion require oxygen to function. The larger the fire, the more oxygen is required. As a result, higher power necessitates more fuel and oxygen.

A car used to be entirely mechanical back in the day. The throttle was mechanically attached to the gas pedal. The throttle opens wider the more you press the pedal, enabling more air and fuel into the combustion chamber. This was straightforward, but it lacked control.

What if I told you that you don't always want a linear increase in power? Meaning, if I press the paddle down 50%, I should get 50% of the power from my car. Consider this: when approaching a bend at a low speed, you don't want to accelerate too quickly because this would cause extreme wheel spins, which can be deadly.

It also causes the tire to wear out much faster. Instead, when traveling at a low speed, the acceleration should be kept low and then increased when traveling at a higher speed.

This level of power output would not have been conceivable in the past.

Enter the ECU, a computer in a car that determines how much power is provided based on a variety of factors and calculations. A car's ECU receives data from a variety of sensors, including airflow sensors, oxygen sensors, and temperature sensors. The lookup table is then used to do calculations and make judgments.

For example, if the air entering the combustion chamber is flowing at 50 grams per second, inject this amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.

What Is Dyno and How Does It Work?

Dynos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some dynos, such as engine dynos, need you to remove your car's engine and connect it to the dyno for testing — we won't go through this. Rather, we'll look at how a chassis dyno works.

The chassis dyno is the most common in the vehicle tuning world. The entire car is loaded onto the dyno, with the tires placed directly on the rollers. The dyno rollers are connected to sensors that measure the amount of force applied to them.

Clearly, more force equals more horsepower. Also, when your car is connected up to a dyno, only the tires are moving. This means there's no wind to reduce the ambient temperature, which soon heats up, leading your automobile to suck in hot air and give you an erroneous measurement. Obviously, we don't want that to happen, do we?!

This is why a dyno requires an excellent cooling system to keep the space cool and the dyno testing accurately at all times. Overall, dyno tuning is running your vehicle on a dyno to obtain data. Then, using your computers, edit the values in the lookup table, and then test the changes by driving your car again.

Tuning no longer sounds so cool, does it? What if I told you there's another kind of tuning that takes place outside of a room, on the road? Enter the world of street tuning!

How Much HP Can You Gain From Dyno Tune

There is no way to give a precise figure about how much hp you will gain from a dyno tune. It depends upon various factors, especially the quality and number of the performance parts you have equipped for your car. If you have installed only high-end parts, you will get a lot of HP.

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