You are a fan of car customization and want to go for a downpipe change. Are you confused if it should be Catted or Catless?

In this article, we will cover the nitty-gritty details of both the down pumps and will provide you with a detailed comparison to help you decide if you should go for the catless downpipe or the catted one.

Based on the facts, the catted downpipe is far better than the catless one, and here's why it can be used by a regular driver who drives daily for day-to-day chores but still wants increased horsepower (HP). Catted downpipes provide about 5-10 less HP, but it happens at the cost of failed emission tests, unpleasant sounds, and pungent smell.

On the other hand, the Catless downpipe is a total beast for racers, and usually, people who love to feel the heat and power under their feet as it provides significant horsepower gains and light as a feather feels to your car.

A Quick Comparison Between the Two: Catted or Catless Downpipe?

Comparison Details Catted Downpipe Catless Downpipe
CAT Yes No
Sound Reasonable Disturbing(Loud)
Price Expensive(Around $350) Economical ($150)
Hp Gain Around 30-40 HP Usually 50+
Legal No No
Emission Test Mostly Pass All Fail
Smell Bearable Pungent Smell

Catalytic Converter

Catted Downpipe: This one comes with a less effective installed Catalytic pump that provides less resistance than the genuine fit. Which results in easier emission of gases and improves the car's flow and capacity to do bigger combustions.

Catless Downpipe: As the name suggests, this one doesn't have any Catalytic convertor, provides maximum emission, and allows complete airflow. This results in higher HP gains but also expels harmful gases in the atmosphere.


Sound will be improved by both Catless and Catted downpipe. The car's sound will be more violent, aggressive, and have lower tones. The sound of the catless pipe is a little louder than the catted downpipe.


Catted Downpipe: Because an aftermarket catalytic converter needs to be included as well, that's why It's a little bit more expensive than the catless pipe. The cost of the catted downpipe will be around 350$ and more.

Catless Downpipe: This pipe is cheaper than catted downpipe because it does not have any catalytic converter. The cost of the catless downpipe will be around 150$ and more.


Catted Downpipe: It will cause a fume smell slightly from the car exhaust. This will not be noteworthy, and you will not smell too much. In our opinion, it's not a big problem. You may feel a smell when your car is idling.

Catless Downpipe: The exhaust will cause a noteworthy significant fume smell. You can smell it even when your car is idling and stuck in traffic for some time.

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