Are you looking for ways to boost the car performance and want your car to get massive horsepower gain while sounding really cool?

An exhaust system is an answer to your problem, but it comes with another choice problem as there are many exhausts out there.

Choosing the one that suits your car and personality is a painful process, and we are here to take away your pain by discussing the two most popular exhaust systems out there: Straight Pipe or Cat-Back. We will also address their differences and which one should be your ultimate choice.

Before going into detail, there’s one thing you should know. Cat-back exhaust is a bit ahead of the straight piping because it is legal and will also give you the advantage you are after. Being a daily commuter, this should be your ultimate choice.

But if you are a racer and love ridiculously loud ravishing car sounds, straight piping is ideal for drivers who love the power behind the wheels and want their car to spin on a racing track.

Both types come with a lot of plus and minuses. Continue reading as we are going to reveal a few details here for you to decide and choose wisely.

What's Straight Piping?

As the name suggests, straight piping is nothing about the exhaust system being straight or liner shaped. It simply means an exhaust that exhales gases straight into the atmosphere without making it pass through any hurdle. This exhaust system without any catalytic convertor/muffle is a single pipe that expels all that's coming through.

How does this one can increase horsepower and make the sound louder? The catalytic converter is responsible for the breakdown of harmful and toxic components, taking time and making the airflow slow due to which car becomes heavy and has less room to get more air for heavy combustion, which doesn't allow it to generate more power. Thus, removing it solves all such engine issues and will enable it to provide max output.

What's Cat-Back Exhaust?

Now that you are aware of what a straight pipe is and what can be done by having one of those installed, it's equally important for you to understand what a Cat-Back Exhaust is and how this can not only provide the benefits but also prevents your car from failing tests while keeping the environment healthy.

This system doesn't remove CAT but all of the material surrounding it. The idea behind it is to replace the stock piping with a new one that gives fewer restrictions and allows more air to pass through it so your engine can feel lighter and give more power.


Even though there are many factors you need to take into consideration while deciding, but 8 out of 10 times, we suggest you go for a Cat-Back Exhaust as it prevents your car from releasing harmful substances, allows you to pass most of the emission test and still help you in gaining horsepower and a ravishing sound.

In a nutshell, it all comes to priorities. If you are a racer, you definitely know your way around, but if you are someone who drives a streetcar going for straight piping isn't the right move, and you may need to gather a bit more info before going for that change.

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