Those who are in the idea of modifying their vehicle should seriously consider having a turbo kit. The best thing about the turbo kit is that it helps improve the performance of a car as it forces the air to the engine with more pressure. There is no doubt that it can be quite a complicated process and must be done by an expert with good knowledge. Still, many people think, why are turbos so expensive, they save people from trouble, and all their parts are already compatible.

What are turbo kits?

A turbo kit is an exhaust-driven air compressor. Its function is to increase the engine power, as it can force more air with pressure. An engine is an air pump; therefore, the turbo kit improves the machine's performance, and you will surely be getting excellent overall performance.

The engine ultimately depends on air and fuel, and when either one of them is increased, the engine power increases. It is worth mentioning that although you are growing energy, it is essential to burn it all. A turbocharger can be fitted to increase the airflow, as it can compress and then blow the air into the vehicle's engine. The energy will burn effectively as the air gets mixed with the fuel, increasing the engine power tremendously.

What are the essential components of a turbo kit?


This is one of the main components of a turbo kit that compresses the air and then forces this air into the combustion chamber. This helps to boost the horsepower of your vehicle.

Turbo kit manifold

The primary purpose of the turbo manifold is to collect any exhaust gases that are present in the combustion chamber and then send them to the turbo. This results in spinning the turbine and powering the turbo. It is also worth mentioning that with the turbo manifold's help, you can determine whether the turbo is top or bottom-mounted.


Before reaching the combustion chamber, it is essential to cool the compressed air, and the intercooler does this. As the compressed air gets hot quickly, it cannot be used for combustion because of the low oxygen content. It is present in front of the vehicle and allows hot air towards the cooling tubes from the turbo. So, the heat gets transferred into the pipes.

Why are turbos so expensive?

The main reason for the turbo kits being expensive is that you can get rid of any other costs and save time. You don't require any welding or cutting with a turbo kit as it is always compatible. You will find all of its pipes and other connections performing excellently, and it can easily be installed without any issues.

You need to keep in mind that the process is not that straightforward, and it might be a little more than just plugging and playing. You may require some work for the turbo kit to work perfectly, but you will indeed get added horsepower to the engine. Therefore, with the right components, your vehicle will show excellent performance.

Final Words

The majority of vehicle modifications made by people are entirely for aesthetic purposes. However, many car lovers would like to modify their cars to improve their performance. A turbo kit has become quite a famous modification because it offers more horsepower. If you are wondering why turbos are so expensive, the answer is simple they save your time and trouble for any other costs.

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