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Find Ideas Custom Car Projects by Wheel Diameter

Wheel rims are an important part of any custom car project. They can make or break the entire look of your vehicle. That's why it's important to choose the right size and style of the wheel for your car. Moreover, nice custom wheels can significantly improve the performance of your car.

There are a lot of wheel companies out there that offer different sizes and styles of wheels. So, how do you choose the right one for your car? Well, it all depends on the look you're going for and the performance you need.

Wheel diameters

What are custom car builds for?

Any driver can tell you that the right set of wheels can make a car look amazing. But what about performance? Do custom wheels actually improve a car's acceleration, braking, and handling?

The answer is: it depends. For example, if you're building a drag racing car, then lighter wheels will help you accelerate faster. On the other hand, if you're building an off-road vehicle, then larger and heavier wheels will give you better traction and stability.

It really all comes down to what you're looking for in a custom car build. Are you mostly concerned with looks or performance? Or are you looking for a balance of both? Once you know that, choosing the right wheel size and style for your build will be a breeze.

Here we have a vast collection of custom car projects that are divided by wheel diameter. So, if you need to know what option will perfectly fit your vehicle, consider the parameters of its wheels and rims. But what if you don`t know the size of the wheels? In this case, you should take a look at the car`s make and model to find this information or just measure the rims. After that, pick one of the options below and get started on your project!

What is wheel diameter?

Before you will review all the ideas for your custom car, you need to be sure that you know what is the wheel diameter and how it impacts the vehicle`s performance.

The distance between the bead-seating areas of a wheel is referred to as the true wheel diameter. This measurement is made by taking into account only the center of the rim, and not including anything extending from its edges (such as wheel flanges). This parameter is crucial for the construction of your car because it influences its stability, grip, and braking. If you choose the wrong wheel diameter, it may lead to disastrous consequences while driving.

Larger wheels generally result in a taller car, while smaller wheels can lower the overall height of the vehicle. That's why it's important to choose the right wheel diameter for your custom car build. Otherwise, you may end up with a car that doesn't look or perform the way you want it to.

If you plan on purchasing a larger diameter wheel, your aim is generally to keep the same overall diameter of your new wheel/tire package.

This helps with speedometer accuracy, maintains OEM handling and braking, and eliminates the need for any other vehicle modifications. Plus-sizing is quite a common practice among custom car builders. It is generally done to improve the car`s appearance or to install larger brakes. No matter which option you choose, be sure to consult with an expert before making any final decisions. They will help you pick the right wheel diameter for your custom car build.

Now that you know what wheel diameter is and how it affects your custom car build, let's take a look at its classification by the size of the rim.

Different wheel diameters

There are three main types of wheel diameters that are usually used in custom car builds:

  • Standard wheels have a diameter of 14-16 inches. They are the most common type of wheels and offer a good balance between performance and looks.
  • Racing wheels have a diameter of 17-20 inches. They are designed primarily for performance, and as such, they are often lighter than standard wheels. This makes them ideal for drag racing or track use. However, keep in mind that smaller wheels can make your car harder to control at high speeds.
  • Oversized wheels have a diameter of 21 inches or more. They are mostly used for show cars or luxury vehicles, as they often come with chrome finishes and other flashy details. While oversized wheels can make your car look great, they can also negatively impact its performance. That's because the extra weight of the wheel can make your car harder to accelerate, brake, and handle.

Now that you know all about different wheel diameters, it's time to find the right ideas for your custom car projects. Consider the style of your car and the type of performance you're looking for before making your decision. And once you've decided on the perfect wheel diameter, be sure to browse our collection of custom car projects to find the most attractive and nice-fitting.

Find ideas for custom car projects

On the Internet, you would find lots of ideas for custom car projects. But before starting to look for some, you need to know what style and performance you want from your vehicle. As we have already mentioned, the choice of wheel diameter plays a big role here. That's why we've decided to put together a collection of custom car projects sorted by wheel diameter. This way, you can easily find the perfect match for your build.

A cool custom car project must be not only beautiful but also properly thought out. Otherwise, you may end up with a car that doesn't look or perform the way you want it to. You may add some cool features to your car, but if the overall design is not harmonious, the result may be disappointing. That's why it's important to take your time and choose the right idea for your custom car project.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the style of your car. Are you going for a classic look or something more modern? Once you've decided on that, you can start browsing our collection of custom car projects sorted by wheel diameter. We have everything from vintage-inspired builds to race cars and luxury vehicles. No matter what your style is, we're sure you'll find an idea that's perfect for your custom car project.